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Beta Anode Pencil Refill

Beta Anode Pencil Refill

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Part numbers for reference only. We supply quality replacement parts to save you £££'s

For use on: Beta 10, Beta BZ 482 1(3.5HP), Beta 14, Beta 16, BD 722 (20HP), Beta 25, BD1005 (28HP), BD1 305 (35HP), BV1505 (38HP), BV1903 (43HP), BV2203 (50HP)

  • Refill Anode to fit Beta - Screw-in replacement type 

This Zinc refill helps keep costs down as the zinc insert can be changed without buying a new plug each time.

If you have an old glue in type plug you will need to buy a new anode and plug (See below)which you can replace with our refill next time.

Please check that it is still possible to unscrew your old existing anode from the plug.

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